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Makeup FX since 1991

I bounced around the Makeup fx community for a few years until I landed at KNB efx Group Inc, in 1995, on the Film From Dusk til Dawn. I worked there for 21 years. I recently became the Shop Supervisor over at Autonomous FX.
My current Resume

Stan Against Evil (16) shop supervisor, Autonomous FX
Preacher (16) painting
13 Hours (15) Supervisor, painting.
Zoo (15) on set.
9th Life of Louis Drax (14) KNB supervisor, on set application.
Amityville Reawakening (14) KNB supervisor, puppeteering, on set application.
Annabelle (14) KNB supervisor, on set application.
The Interview (13) KNB Supervisor, on set puppeteering.
Station 4 (13) supervisor, on set application, acting!
Trans4mers (13) painting
Sin City 2 (13) On set, application, puppeteering.
Horns (12) KNB supervisor, on set, puppeteering and application, cameo.
Machete Kills (12) KNB supervisor, on set, puppeteering and application.
Pain and Gain (12) KNB supervisor, on set.
Maniac (11) supervisor, on set application, puppeteering, in the DVD extras.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D (11) co-supervisor, painting, on set, application, in the DVD extras.
Torchwood TV (11) painting, on set, supervisor KNB.
The Grey (11) painting, KNB.
The Walking Dead seasons 1,2,3,4,5,6 (10-16) supervised half of the season one in the shop, painting, fabrication, webisodes, KNB.
Priest 3D (10) on set application, on set supervisor, painting KNB.
Predators (09) painting, in shop supervisor KNB.
Piranha 3D (09) KNB co-supervisor, on set, application, underwater puppeteering, in the DVD extras, cameo.
The Book of Eli (09) KNB supervisor, on set, painting, puppeteering, cameo.
Inglorious Basterds (08) painting KNB, gag fabrication-choking head.
Surrogates (08) painting, fabrication.
Final Destination 4 in 3D (08) supervisor, on set application, painting, in the DVD extras.
Splice (08) painting.
The Killing Room (07) supervisor, on set application, painting.
The Pacific-HBO miniseries(07) painting.
The Mist (07) painting, designed monster paint schemes, in shop supervisor KNB.
The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian (07) painting KNB.
Hostel Part II (06) painting, on set application, in shop supervisor KNB, in the DVD extras.
Grindhouse (06) painting, on set, Eli Roth's, Thanksgiving trailer, supervisor, KNB. Find me in the trailer--instead of where's Waldo it's where's McCarty
Masters of Horror season 2 (06) painting, KNB.
The Hitcher (06) painting, fabrication, on set application, in shop supervisor KNB.
Masters of Horror (05) painting, fabrication, KNB.
Dead and Deader (06) we did a big sequence for the film, painting on set application, in the shop supervisor.
Deja-Vu(06) painting, on set, fabrication, puppeteering KNB.
House of Wax (05) painting, seaming, fabrication KNB.
Amityville Horror (05) painting, seaming, fabrication KNB.
The Island (05) painting, seaming, fabrication. KNB.
Hostel (05) painting KNB.
Poseidon (05) painting, fabrication, on set. KNB.
The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe (05) painting, fabrication KNB boss, Howard Berger and Artist Tami Lane won oscars for best make-up.
Land of the Dead (05) painting, on set make-up application, fabrication--I'm in DVD extras.
The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D (05) painting, show supervisor, on set, puppeteering.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (04) painting.
Serenity (05) painting.
Lemony Snicket (03/04) painting, on set, fabrication, KNB.
Sin City (04) painting , on set, make-up application KNB.
Cursed (03/04) Painting, seaming, fabrication, on set KNB.
24 (tv) (03-10) on set KNB..
Hollywood Homicide (02) painting, fabrication KNB.
Tremors T.V. show (02) painting KNB.
Spy Kids 3D (03) painting, on set KNB.
Once Upon a Time in Mexico (02) painting KNB I'm in the DVD extras .
Bad Boys II (02) painting, seaming, fabrication KNB.
Looney Tunes: Back in Action (02) painting, on set puppeteering KNB.
Terminator 3 (02) painting background bodies KNB.
Kill Bill(02) fabrication, painting, seaming, built multiple blood spray gags, KNB. 
Out of Time (02) painting, seaming, fabrication, KNB.
Ghost Ship (02) painting, seaming and such, KNB.
Cabin Fever (02) painting, puppeteering, on set--I'm In DVD extras.
Identity (02) painting, mold making, fabrication, on set KNB.
The Hulk (02) painting moldmaking KNB.
The Tick (01) painting, fabrication KNB.
Minority Report (01) painting, fabrication, moldmaking KNB.
Austin Powers Goldmember (01) sculpting, moldmaking, fabrication KNB.
Spy Kids 2 (01) painting, moldmaking, puppeteering KNB.
Ghosts of Mars (00) sculpting, moldmaking, painting,on set KNB EFX.
Heart Breakers (00) painting KNB EFX.
Dune the Mini-Series (tv) (00) painting, moldmaking, fabrication--KNB's Greg Nicotero won an Emmy.
Rat Race (00) painting, KNB.
13 Ghosts (00) painting, moldmaking KNB.
Evolution (00) painting , on set, mechanics, sculpting, puppeteering KNB.
Scream 3 (99) KNB.
Cleopatra 2525 (99) painting, moldmaking, KNB.
Spy Kids (99-00) painting, on set, puppeteering KNB.
The Haunting (99) painting, pupeteering, on set KNB.
The House on Haunted Hill (99) painting KNB.
End of Days (99) painting, KNB.
Crocodile (99) keyed show, sculpting, painting, on set KNB--I'm in DVD extras.
Spiders (99) painting, on set KNB.
Xena Warrior Princess (98-00) painting, on set KNB--I'm in DVD extras.
The Faculty (98) Painting KNB.
Vampires (98) painting, fabrication, moldmaking, KNB.
A Simple Plan (98) moldmaking , painting KNB.
13Th Warrior (98) moldmaking, painting KNB.
The Crow 3: Salvation (98) painting KNB.
Bats (98) Painting KNB.
Super Adventure Team (98) painting, on set KNB.
Scream 2 (98) Moldmaking, painting, on set KNB.
Dusk til Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (97) painting, on set, moldmaking KNB.
Dusk til Dawn 3: Hangmans Daughter (97) painting , on set, KNB.
Godzilla (97) painting KNB.
X-Files Movie (97) painting, moldmaking KNB.
Scream (97) moldmaking KNB.
Eraser (96) moldmaking, painting, KNB.
Mars Attacks (96) moldmaking, fabrication, painting, KNB.
Men In Black (96) moldmaking KNB.
Jingle All The Way (96) moldmaking, painting, KNB.
Spawn (96) moldmaking, painting, KNB.
Phantoms (96) moldmaking, painting, fabrication, KNB.
Wishmaster (96) moldmaking, painting, fabrication, KNB, cameo.
Outer Limits TV show (95) sculpting, moldmaking, KNB.
Mohave Frankenstien (95) fiberglass moldmaking, Ted haines FX.
Alaska (95) moldmaking, fabrication, KNB.
Demolitionist (95) moldmaking, fabrication, acting, KNB EFX.
From Dusk til Dawn (95) fiberglass moldmaking, painting, puppeteering, KNB.
Miller Lite Cowabunga commercial (94) sculpting, seaming, moldmaking, supervisor Rick Lazzarini, The Charector Shop.
Power Rangers the Movie (94) fiberglass moldmaking, fabrication of helmets and suits. Supervisor Rob Burman at Sticks and Stones.
Leprechaun: 3 (94) sculpting, moldmaking, painting, on set application. Gabe Bartalos Atlantic-West FX.
Xtro: 3 Watch the Skies (94) moldmaking, painting. At Modus FX, supervisor Dave Barton.
The Stand (93) seaming and body production, XFX Supervisor Steve Johnson.
The Unborn II (4/5-93) painting, seaming, puppeteering, Gabe Bartalos Atlantic-West FX.
Watchers 3 (93) fiberglass moldmaking, seaming, painting, Atlantic west.
Stargate (93) painted costume sandals for Global FX Supervisor Chris Gilman.
Beverly Hills Cop 3 (93) vacu-form trimming and assembly of Cylon suits for Global FX.
Munchie Strikes Back (93) painting, seaming, puppeteering For Gabe Bartalos at Atlantic-West FX.
Leprechaun 2 (93) painting, seaming, fabrication, for Gabe Bartalos at Atlantic-West FX.
The Stepmonster (92) set work, painting, puppeteering, suit maintenance Atlantic west FX.
The Children of the Corn II (92) mold making, painting, did pickups for a new ending to the film, supervisor Gabe Bartalos Atlantic-West FX.
Slaughter of the Innocents (92) fiberglass moldmaking, fabrication, corpse's and body parts, Atlantic-West FX.
Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country (91) ran parts for Klingon costumes, supervisor Chris Gilman Dilligent Dwarves Effects Lab.
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